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Transformation and Innovation Exchange Self-assessment Tool

Welcome to the Transformation and Innovation Exchange (TIEx) Self-Assessment Tool. Developed by the transformation sector, for the transformation sector, this self-assessment tool lets councils assess themselves against an improvement model and points them to tailored resources in the Transformation and Innovation Exchange that will help with further improvement.

Recently, updates to take into account the changing transformation landscape, the post-Covid world we live in and feedback from councils has made the tool more inclusive for those working across the entire transformation spectrum.

TIEx will provide a comprehensive overview of your organisation's performance across the critical success factors and characteristics of a high functioning local authority and enable you to easily identify and prioritise areas you wish to focus on -which could include enhancing service delivery, optimising operational processes, or fostering a culture of innovation.

Whether you're a seasoned transformation practitioner or embarking on your first transformation project, the insights gleaned from this assessment will enable you to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively with your own dynamic action plan, a key feature of the new upgrade.

To use the self-assessment tool, please first read 'Getting started', which explains how best to use it.

We have also updated our resources hub with over 200 new tools and resources at your disposal - to view the resources without using the tool, please click on 'Resources'.