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Getting started

The Transformation and Innovation Exchange self-assessment tool sets out 'what good looks like', allowing the user to understand where they are on their improvement journey, and provides the necessary tools and resources to take the next steps towards new ways of operating, whether through a series of incremental changes to services, innovative approaches to demand or the invention of new solutions.

A detailed explanation of the model behind the tool, and how to use it, is available in the guide to the Transformation and Innovation Exchange self-assessment tool (docx) (pdf).

The self-assessment consists of a series of statements about your organisation, related to the key characteristics of an effective council (as identified by the original research and updated for this latest version), which you are invited to agree or disagree upon. You can view a copy of the statements here (docx) (pdf).

The results identify the areas in which your authority is strong, or in which your authority may have potential for further improvement and directs you to resources to help with that.

Get started

Using your council email address simply register or, for existing LG Inform members, sign in to use the tool. You may also wish to consult Value for Money or LG Inform reports for objective measures of your council's situation in advance.

How will the data be used?

All responses will be treated confidentially. Your name will be displayed in results visible to other users from your authority, but only if you have agreed to this. If you have not agreed, your response will be anonymised. Your name will never be visible to any user from a different authority.

Results for your authority will not be visible to users from other authorities. The LGA will see your assessment, but we won't publish or share your results with any other organisation or government department.

Identifiable information will only be held and processed in accordance with the LG Inform Plus privacy policy. Your contact information will only be used for those 'opting in' for further LGA support or for those wishing to be connected up to other transformation officers. We will only be collecting your data within this tool to aid the legitimate interests of the LGA in supporting and representing authorities.

Help and feedback

For help using the self-assessment tool email

To comment on the content and how results are used, or to give any feedback email